Life in the NOW


What is this notion of living in the NOW?

Most of us have heard of the concept “living in the now” or “present moment awareness” but what does that mean exactly?

Well before we explore the meaning of those concepts, we must realize that our lives are “states of being” based on where our attention and focus remains every moment of our lives.

The past, future, and present moments are all happening in the NOW. There is no separation in time and space. To clarify that a little, in Quantum Physics time and space are eternal. As you move through space you experience time, and the  “states of being” are what you are experiencing based on your internal composition. Your internal composition is made up of your thoughts, emotions, beliefs, perceptions, which comprise your energy and vibrational frequency.

If at every moment in time there are approximately 400 billion pieces of information, and your brain is only able to decipher approximately 2000 pieces of that information, hence, it goes to reason that what we experience is in direct correlation with the programming of our mind as our internal composition.

What you wish to experience or desire as a dream, goal, or vision of the future exists NOW in the present moment, in energetic form. The only reason you are not experiencing your wish, desire, dream etc. is because you can only be receptive of the reality in which your programming/internal composition will allow you to decipher…. those 2000 pieces of information.

So to be fully present in the moment, in the NOW, you must train your brain to consistently be in a state of gratitude and appreciation. Those states of being are the surest way to remain consistently and always in the receptive mode from the Universe. The emotional signature of gratitude and appreciation implies you have already received something, therefore, your brain now has the program of having experienced the situation for which you are grateful or appreciative of. Therefore, it is now in a state of allowing of that which it recognizes as a known rather than an unknown reality.

When your brain is in the state of known experiences rather than unknown experiences then your energy is clear of angst, wanting, lack and resentment. Then you exude an energy of eagerness, sureness, calm anticipation, trust and a knowing of your worthiness to live the life you imagine.

What you think and feel NOW is what you are vibrating and emitting into the Universe, it is your vibrational signature.

If you spend your life waiting for your wealth to arrive before you feel wealthy then what you keep vibrating and creating is a never ending state of anticipation for that feeling to arrive.

However, if you noticed the wealth all around you in forms other than money, you would realize you are wealthy beyond measure, you are blessed beyond belief, and in this very moment you are so wealthy that the paper money version of wealth could never come close to the abundance of the energy you possess.

This is how to create wealth in the present moment awareness, in the NOW. Needless to say, the same goes for creating romantic relationships, peace, harmony, health, and an amazingly satisfying life.

Train your mind to see the abundance in your life, and watch it multiply tenfold, hundredfold, thousandfold…. it is all in your perspective and observation in the NOW.

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