Harness the Power of Manifesting with DDA


Harness the Power of Manifesting with DDA

Sometimes we wonder why our dreams don’t come true or why it takes so long to get what we want.  

The answer is simple, we haven’t learned how to harness the power of DESIRE DRIVEN ATTENTION (DDA).

We have these very two essential organs, amongst all the others, that we haven’t quite figured out how to harness in our favor; the heart and the brain.  

The brain is responsible for generating thoughts, as it is the storehouse for all our memories and experiences; it is a databank of our life up until the present moment.  

The heart is the seat of our soul, where our essence resides and gives power to our emotions to create our lives.

These two organs need to work in unison in order to mold the energy of creation in the desired direction of life experiences.

The thoughts you think are the signal in the infinite realm of possibilities and the emotions you feel are the magnetizing power in order to bring the experience to your reality.

The mechanics are important to understand, however, the DDA is an essential component in bringing the experiences in a more effortless and efficient manner. 

If you think 60,000 to 70,000 thoughts a day and some of those thoughts are what you desire and others are random thoughts that may contradict your desires, then it would make sense that this pointing mechanism called your “thoughts and emotions” are not always in your favor.

In order to harness your manifesting powers you must be able to direct at least a good percentage of your thoughts in the direction of your desires. 

 The DDA formula consists of 10 minutes per hour during your wakeful day. This will consist of merely 10% DDA out of the full range of thoughts your brain generates.  However, the results you will experience will be phenomenal and it will convince you, and all of those watching you, how powerful we truly are in creating our lives on purpose with a little bit of awareness sprinkled with knowledge, and topped off with the powerful DDA!

Don’t just wait and hope for someday, become an empowered co-creator of your dream life.

Living well is not reserved for the lucky or those born under the right stars, it is a birth given right to all that choose to look past their programming and ignite the powers of the heart in becoming unlimited!

Look for our next workshop in better understanding the incredible power of DDA in manifesting your life on purpose.



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