What is Your PRAYER?


How to Pray Effectively!

There comes a point in all our lives when we feel helpless, alone, or at a crossroads.  During those dark nights of the soul, when we can no longer look to our physical reality for answers or guidance, we look within to that elusive power we cannot comprehend with our physical senses; God, the Universe, the Divine, in the form of a Prayer.

In the act of looking within for the connection with the Divine, we connect with the heart and the emotions that ignite the soul.   We ask for that which we desire and need without having a true understand of the mechanism required for effective Prayer, or what the Universe and the Quantum field is receiving as a command in the form of your Prayer.

The act of Prayer is the frequency of needing and wanting, thereby, implying a state of lack.  This “lackful” state is alright because unless you feel the lack of something, you cannot ask for the fulfillment of its’ opposite.   Hence, comes the act of Praying to that “source” which we cannot comprehend with our physical senses, but can feel with our heart.

Now that we have understood the mechanism for Prayer, we must understand what’s needed in order for that “source”, or the Universe and the Divine to deliver the answer and fulfillment of our Prayer.

In the act of Praying, once you have asked for that which you desire, the frequency of the problem, challenge, or difficulty, you must then move into the imagined version of the answer, solution, and fulfillment of your desire.  What the Universe responds to is the elevated emotions and images of the frequency of your desires, hence, it would make sense to stay in the state of the “solution” much longer than the state of the “asking”.  Remember we are energetic beings, therefore, what we emit in the form of energetic waves is what attracts similar circumstances, events, and people into our reality and ultimately what becomes our current life experience.

You must get up from your Prayer as if the Prayer has already been answered!

Faith, assurance, and trust that the Universe will always deliver that which you seek, desire, and ask for.

The Universe, God, the Divine seeks to express itself through you, therefore, it is with utmost pleasure to deliver to you all that elevates and satisfies your souls’ desires.

Knowledge of Universal Laws are empowering in creating the path to live the life you wish for, dream of, and envision.  Always know you were born to live well and thrive always!

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The Mechanism of Prayer

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