Faith in the Unseen


“What you choose to give power to will surely determine the course of your life, and the personality you choose to remain.”

Faith in the Unseen

What we can’t see can sometimes be our greatest gift or our greatest sabotage.  No one can deny that the virus known as Covid-19 has disrupted life on our planet as nothing else in recent history. Safe to say that every human on this planet has had some kind of interruption in a life they now don’t recognize.

We hear the stories of the path of destruction of this unseen minuscule monster, undetected to they human eye, as it invades our bodies and jumps from one person to another undetected until it’s almost too late.

However, what is this faith we have in it’s powers? As the only thing that is certain, is the uncertainty as to why it affects some more severely and others very mildly. This article is not written to minimize the severity of the affect of this virus, however, just to bring to light the amount and nature of focus given in it’s absence and presence of just how it is brought to life.

What if, we were able to see Covid-19, as an unseen threat that shrank in its power because we were able to increase our ability to focus our attention, our faith, and trust in the other powers that remain unseen.

After all, if all these threats and faiths are unseen then who’s to say one has more power over your life than another? What you choose to bring to life and in the forefront is the power that will dictate your life.

Let’s look at the powers of faith, hope, and love:

Faith in the power of the divine God or Universe, that which teaches and maintains that the power of good will always prevail. This is a blind belief and trust in a power that is unseen yet still permeates every cell in our body to trust in that knowing of a higher intelligence so greater than we understand, comprehend, or logically decipher.

Hope in the power of the unseen ability of every human to have foresight into the future, the unseen future reality that can only be envisioned but not experienced with the senses. Hope that goodness and strength will always prevail and conquer. Hope in the ability of our mind to dictate and eradicate the virus from our body because we are so much stronger and much more invincible than we are willing to accept with our brain. The brain, that organ and databank that is only capable of accepting what it has processed as life experiences from our past.

Love which is what we are intrinsically made of, our true nature and essence. This is the greatest of the unseen powers that we posses, the ability to connect with the heart and create the coherence of mind and body in the unity of the greatest power of the Universe. We must put all our focus and attention on this unseen power to eradicate the only other unseen, which will have no choice and must slowly fade.

Always remember your power to choose, choose where your attention goes. Which unseen power are you giving privilege and permission to invade your mind, body, and soul?

This is what will determine the course of your life, after this little minuscule monster is gone.
Make choosing your focus the only priority in your life, it will help overcome all perceived little and big challenges life may throw your way.

Milan Consi

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