How can I become a better

version of myself to find


LOVE, and




What separates me from

those that have been able to

LIVE the life of their




In our longing and pursuit for the answers and meaning in our lives,

we eventually come to find all roads leading to

“the SELF within”.




Once you stop blaming, judging and resenting others for your inability to


you will be at a crossroads.....

Do you give up and live as a victim of circumstance OR

do you go on a search to rediscover WHO YOU REALLY ARE!





Not understanding or learning how to find the will, the courage, and motivation to pursue the

life you imagine is how most people become stuck in a life they no longer recognize, like, or

enjoy, thereby, feeling trapped and helpless with no way out.


Money & Miracles

and the

AutoOM, Rediscovery of the “Self Within”

Workshops led by Milan who has over 12 years of experience in Law of Attraction, Quantum Physics,

the workings of the subconscious mind, energy work, and hypnotherapy.





The introductory Money & Miracles workshop, offered once a month, is designed to answer

questions from participants in an informal and confidential setting designed to be a safe space

for authentic and real conversations in our quest to find guidance and assurance in the pursuit

of our goals, visions, & desires.


The AutoOM Rediscovery of the “Self Within” workshop is offered once a month with 3

separate attendance dates, with a prerequisite attendance at the initial Money & Miracles



Both workshops are designed to be interactive in mentoring and guiding individuals in the

understanding of the mind, energy, and the process of the deliberate creation of our lives.





Unlike other workshops or self-development courses, our courses are accompanied by easy to

apply techniques, worksheets, and an accompanying journal designed to bring all concepts

together and apply the material in the real life creation of the new and desired YOU!





It isn’t enough just to hear and consciously become aware of new material. Your brain needs

repetition in order to create the new neurocircuitry, which in turn becomes the new thinking

patterns, which in turn becomes your new attitudes, behavior, and emotions thereby creating

your new personality responsible for your NEW PERSONAL REALITY!





Accompanying material includes:

The Abundance Journal available at Amazon Books, Barnes and Noble, and other book



Also available for purchase at

An App to accompany the workshop to be released soon, stay tuned....





STOP living a life half lived!

STOP settling for less than what you deserve!

STOP making excuses for not living in the of your dreams!

STOP believing the lies you’ve told yourself about why you can’t have the relationship of your


STOP believing you’re too old, too stuck,

too committed to your current life to have a






YOU can learn to CREATE your life on purpose rather than be a victim to the program of your past.






YOU are meant to LIVE WELL!

YOU are meant to find LOVE, HEALTH, WEALTH and HAPPINESS!

YOU are meant to THRIVE ALWAYS!







Join us for our first live

Money & Miracles Workshop:


Date: To be announced

Place: Hilton, Glendale

Space is limited as we comply with all safety precautions in accordance with the Hilton and City and State regulations.


The first 3 people that sign up will be given a copy of The Abundance Journal



You can find us on YouTube

Money & Miracles, Milan Consi.

With each ticket sold a percentage of the proceeds is donated to The Tree People and Take 3 For The Sea.


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