REPETITION creates your


your new mind creates the


The new version of you creates your NEW AND ABUNDANT LIFE!


The Abundance Journal is a 45 day repetitive program designed to create new neural connections in your brain focused on gratitude, abundance, and appreciation.


It further gives your mind a clear vision of your goals and vision for your desired manifestations.



Your brain learns by repetition, wherein, new thought patterns are created and reinforced upon the subconscious mind. Learning new information enables the neurocircuitry in your brain to double from 1300 connections to 2600. However, if you don’t repeat what you’ve learned, the circuitry prunes apart in days.


This 45-day program is a one-of-a-kind workbook designed to be the "How To" method in overriding the programming of your subconscious mind.  Sefl-growth and self-development weekend or week-long seminars and workshops are fantastic in giving you the conscious awareness into the workings of the mind and the achievement of your goals, however, the real work begins after the workshops and seminars.  The Abundance Journal is the work, the method in which to create the new thinking patterns, emotions and the ideal version of the YOU who will be living the life you envision.



Repetition is a key factor in creating the mindset of abundance taking you away from a lack based existence to a life lived in abundance.


A dedication to create a NEW MIND, thereby, creating NEW HABITS. New habits lead to a NEW STRUCTURE OF BEHAVIOR, hence a NEW PERSONALITY.


The new personality thereby creates your NEW PERSONAL REALITY.



With each purchase of a book a percentage of the proceeds is donated to The Tree People and Take 3 For The Sea.



This Journal is the work!

I have been to self-development workshops and always have intentions of becoming a better version of myself, however, did not have a clear understanding of the work needed.

This journal is the work! It makes it clear and easy.

I can imagine and have a vision of my new life and the new me.

Manoush P.

Love this journal

I start my day off every morning with this journal. It has helped me put my life into prospective, assisted me in manifesting my goals and desires and has added clarity into my day to day life. This book is a manual inspiration, and I 100% recommend to anyone willing to put in the work and take control to create a better life for themselves.

Sasha O.


I looked for an easy guide to follow the teachings of The Law of Attraction, and this was it. As you think, you become.

I found this journal to be an easy and effortless manual incorporating all the principles of manifestation.

All that’s needed now, is to to do the work in the journal!

Jackie K.


This journal has become my daily companion in uplifting my spirits.

Even though it’s repetitive work, it allows me to think of different versions of my goals.

Love it❤️❤️❤️

Lala A.

Definitely a must have!

This is exactly what I needed! In a world surrounded by so much negativity - this journal will attract & highlight all the positives in life while turning it into a reality!


Rich R.

The Abundance Journal

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